Every Trash Day Can Be Earth Day.

Be part of the solution. Offshoots is a revolutionary tree planting program that automatically plants a tree when you take out your weekly trash. Simply sign up, select your trash day, and connect a payment method. The more people who use Offshoots, the greater impact we can make together in our communities, and around the world. Plant a little, or plant a lot. Every bit counts!

How It Works


Sign up and pick your trash day. That simple.


On the day you take out your trash, we send a request to OneTreePlanted to plant a tree somewhere in the world that needs it.


You receive confirmation of the tree being planted for you, and we'll pass along the juicy details. That's it.

Why It Works


In one year, the average single-family home produces about 4 tons of trash. That's a lot of damage. Offshoots helps offset that automatically.


Create an account, add a way to pay, select a trash day. That's it. We'll take care of the rest, and send you a receipt each week.


Just six trees can offset a ton of CO2 per year. Plant a tree each week and you'll offset an average family's emissions for an average year!

Our Partner

They Do The Heavy Lifting (Planting)!

We forward all tree planting efforts to OneTreePlanted. They're a super incredible and well respected organization that has planted over 2 million trees since 2014.




2 bucks a week, billed on your selected trash day. We send you a receipt, along with a notification that your tree has been purchased. We partner with stripe so we never store your sensitive information, and we never share your email either.

Help Us Save The World

We're almost ready to launch. Let us know you're in, we'll hit you up when we're live!

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About Me

My name is Shmuel - and like you, i've noticed that the piles of trash around us are... piling up. Having lived in Brooklyn for a good few years, i've seen massive piles of trash sit outside my apartment and wondered what, if anything, anyone would do about all that trash and what it's inevitably doing to our planet. So i've decided to do something about it.

Now that i've moved out of Brooklyn, i've come to appreciate nature much more, and I'd like to help preserve it by doing what i can do give back to the environment. Help me help our planet. It takes 30 seconds to join, but makes a lasting impact for us and our future generations.